Over forty years of gastronomic experience, selection of the best raw materials and care in our preparations.

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Our recipes are born from the passion for the Langhe, a unique territory in Piedmont, a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Ori di Langa is a line of handmade products that enhance the raw materials symbol of this territory, combined with the magic of truffles. Our line of products wants to make truffles accessible to everyone, on every table, breaking the patterns for which the truffle is a product "for a select few".

Part of Ori di Langa's job is to take care of its truffles: selected lands, constantly cared for and monitored, protected and safeguarded, rich in the most suitable trees for the growth of both white and black truffles.

Our lands, offer ideas for study and research, they give the possibility of producing oxygen which re-circulates in the atmosphere.

This sustainable philosophy of respect for nature has always played a fundamental role. For this reason, the structure of the company is attentive to the needs of the precious territory of Langhe and Roero, a UNESCO heritage site.

In our plant, all the energy used in the production process comes from the photovoltaic system located on the roof.

La nostra idea del tartufo


Langhe, hills planted with wine,with its woods with truffle and hazelnuts. This extraordinary land in the south of Piedmont, included among the world treasures of Unesco for the beauty of its landscapes and the richness of its products, gives us the most precious raw materials that are the basis of our recipes.

A place of boundless beauty, which leaves room for flavors, smells and memories. Where time is life for the earth and air and the greatest wealth for nature.

Hometown of Cesare Pavese, who in the "Il mestiere di vivere" in 1947, wrote:
The first carachters of this land are, for us, the dog, so called in our slang “tabuj”, and the researcher, so called “Trifulau”. In our Langhe, trifulau took the tabuj between trees and bushes and let him sneeze at the base of the logs. When the tabuj smells the scent, he warns the trifulau, who delicately extracts the truffle with his hands.

The term of "Langhe", associated with these wonderful hills, comes from the Piedmontese dialect and means "language", to refer to and remember the sinuous shapes of the territory. But if you think about it, also to be associated with everything that is pleasant to taste: the taste for all the local food and wine products, for history, for the art and architecture of the magnificent castles of the ancient noble families of the Middle Ages, those who contended for dominion over these fertile lands.

The Langhe are our place, our territory, where everything started, where the taste of each of our products will transport you.

The first protagonists of this territory, for us, are the dog, nicknamed "tabuj" in jargon, and the researcher, also called the "trifulau". In our Langhe, the trifulau accompanies the tabuj among the trees and lets it smell at the base of the trunks. When the tabuj discovers the scent it warns the trifulau, which gently extracts the truffle with his hands.

In all seasons, our territory offers magnificent experiences:

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